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Airbnb Aircover for Host: The Superhost Guide

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As an Airbnb Superhost, you know that keeping your guests safe and secure is of utmost importance. Airbnb Aircover was created to help protect both you and your guests.

Sometimes accidents happen, and Airbnb Aircover can help cover the cost of damages to your property caused by your guests. This protection is in addition to the Airbnb Host Guarantee, which covers damages up to $1,000,000.

Keep reading to learn more about Airbnb Aircover and how it can help you safeguard your business and benefit you as a Superhost.

What Is Airbnb Aircover?

Airbnb's AirCover now offers up to $1 million in damage protection and liability protection, rather than the previous limit of $1 million for both coverage types together.

Being an Airbnb host has its perks, such as a free AirCover insurance policy. With no extra sign-ups or meetings required, you're already set up for success! This service can apply to every single night your home is booked, making it the perfect solution for committed hosts.

The new coverage offers superior protection compared to the former Host Protection policy. AirCover will now cover more damages, such as pet accidents, deep cleaning, etc. Also, those hosting Airbnb Experiences will be insured for liability under this updated policy.

What Are the Benefits of Using Airbnb Aircover?

Liability coverage

AirCover has now increased its host's liability coverage to $1 million. In the event that a guest gets injured or their belongings are damaged/stolen while under your care, the AirCover policy will have you covered.

This significantly increased from the former limit of $500,000 in liability protection. As a Superhost, you want to ensure that your guests are always safe while under your roof.

With Airbnb Aircover, you can rest assured knowing that any damages or accidents will be taken care of.

This coverage also extends to people who help you with your vacation rental business, like co-hosts and cleaners.

Damage protection

AirCover will give you up to $1 million in protection if any of your stuff gets ruined by a guest during their Airbnb stay. How great is that?

This is a great way to safeguard your belongings and give you peace of mind if something happens.

In the past, Airbnb only covered damages up to $500,000. Now with Aircover, you're insured for up to $1 million in damages.

Income Loss Protection

You are now protected against any income lost if you cancel a reservation due to property damage or the need for deep cleaning. If, for example, a guest destroys your furniture and you have to cancel your booking to repair it before your next stay, Airbnb will ensure that you don't lose out on earnings because of this unforeseen event.

If you're an Airbnb host, this is a great way to protect yourself financially. No one ever wants to cancel a reservation, but sometimes accidents happen. With Airbnb Aircover, you can rest assured knowing that you will still be compensated for any damages or cancellations.

What Utility Does the New Aircover Have for Hosts?

Did you know that Airbnb created its Host Guarantee program 10 years ago? The original program provided hosts with up to $1 million in coverage. However, Airbnb has now replaced this program with an expanded version called AirCover.

This new program offers liability coverage, expanded support for income loss protection, deep cleaning costs, pet coverage, and a longer claim filing window.

Never Worry About Your Airbnb Property Again With Airbnb Aircover!

As an Airbnb host, the last thing you want to worry about is something happening to your property. That's where Airbnb Aircover comes in. Airbnb Aircover is a protection plan that covers your property in case of damages, accidents, or cancellations.

If you are looking for a short-term rental property management company that keeps your property revenue top of mind, then Desired Stays is the way to go! With extensive experience in the vacation and short-term rental industry, our team will ensure your Airbnb property is in good hands.

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