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How to Prevent Parties at Your Airbnb

People wanted to connect and celebrate after being cooped up for months, without access to pubs, clubs, or even visiting each other's houses. Guests have tried to circumvent Airbnb's regulations, hazards, and negative feedback to have wild parties in the shared spaces long before the Covid-19 pandemic.

It's only human to want to let loose and have a good time with friends, but what happens when bold music, booze, and drugs are brought into the mix? What happens when your party of 8 or 10 expands to 15 or 20? Who's going to make sure nobody gets out of hand? If you don't want any of that, you need to figure out how to stop Airbnb guests from throwing parties at your house.

Does Airbnb Even Allow Parties?

There will be no more parties or events anywhere in the world in 2020, the platform stated, in response to mounting requests for stricter regulation of wild gatherings next year. Until further notice, Airbnb's no-party policy, which previously included smaller festivities like baby showers and birthday parties, will remain in effect.

Airbnb has partnered with Vrbo to permanently remove hosts who repeatedly throw illegal parties. They are even working with competitors to eliminate spam accounts and exchange data.

Ways to Prevent Parties at Your Airbnb?

The following are some ways you can "party proof" your Airbnb and prevent it from being used for illegal purposes:

  • Put in place guidelines and a system for damage payments

Owners and managers of listings can specify rules for guests to follow in the Airbnb platform's "House Rules" section. Include a section on your webpage and in your short-term rental agreement outlining your House Rules, such as the types of guests you do and do not accept, the number of guests at a time, the maximum number of guests, and the consequences for violating these rules.

Establish norms using a set of house rules. A renter should promise to adhere to the rules and regulations you establish before renting to them. Don't forget to include in the home rules and regulations that should be in place on your property.

  • Investigate and interrogate your visitors

Since Airbnb vacation rentals are available on demand, hosts may check prospective guests' profiles in greater detail, weeding out potentially troublesome visitors and giving hosts a chance to learn more about the reviewers' experiences with the rental property.

Guests with a high number of reviews are more likely to abide by the rules since no one wants to risk losing their reputation. Be wary of creating a new account. Ask questions before making a reservation or later in the case of rapid bookings.

Ensure everyone knows that the maximum number of guests allowed at your home applies all day and night, even if the extra visitors only stay for an hour. It is possible, even likely, that a person will lie. Your goal in this exchange of information is to identify any potential warning signs.

  • Put in a noise detector

With a noise monitor, you can keep an eye on your rental homes without disturbing your tenants' personal space. Most landlords and homeowners use this measure to screen tenants' character and reliability as a standard practice. Unique and valuable, this gadget will sound an alarm in the event of noise, allowing you to take preventative measures in good time.

Having a camera in the driveway and a noise monitor in the living room may discourage some guests from planning a party at your house.

  • Obtain the Help of Your Neighbors

Get your neighbor involved in keeping a watch on your home. If they hear loud music or see a large group of people congregating outside your house, give them your number and ask them to phone you directly.

When you make yourself available to your neighbors, you can ease their minds about living next to an Airbnb. When guests book your home, you may reassure them that neighbors are looking out for them. That ought to silence any noise and this way you can also keep the neighbors happy.

Desired Stays Is Your Go-To Co-Host

Many Airbnb owners try to handle the business independently for a while but give up due to the numerous challenges. Our company offers a premium, hands-off approach to managing vacation rentals, freeing valuable client time. We are responsible for ensuring the security and smooth operation of our rental units as part of the vacation rental industry. We aim to avoid troublesome visitors and instead focus on welcoming pleasant ones.

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