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How to Handle the 4 Biggest Problems Airbnb Hosts Have

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Not always does an Airbnb host encounter problems but there come instances where they get stuck in handling situations causing them great loss. Thus, homeowners should figure out vacation rental problems before entering the business.

Here is a perfect solution guide to follow before using Airbnb vacation rental services:

1. Party Guests

In 2020, Airbnb called for a global party ban across all vacation rental properties. No Airbnb host would wish to suffer at the cost of the Party Guest. So, it's best to party-proof your property by avoiding suspicious bookings, such as local guests, and setting house rules and damage deposits.

If the guests do not follow the rules and are loud, immediately report for legal action. Adding a noise monitoring device is the best way to detect volume levels and monitor your property without invading guests' safe space. Some companies such as NoiseAware and Minut offer great products for monitoring rowdy guests.

2. Amenities Problems During Stay

Being an Airbnb host, you need to provide the basic amenities to your guests, also mentioned in Airbnb's amenities checklist. In case of damaged or broken objects, ensure to fix them before bookings.

Worry Not! Now you can easily monitor amenities problems with the help of the property management team. Also, make sure to cover different requirements depending on the class. For instance, we help hosts arrange the must-have amenities that include: a workspace, Wi-Fi facility, an ironing board, shampoos, soaps, clean sheets & towels, basic toiletries and so on.

3. Property Damage:

Airbnb hosts should also get assurance of their property protection as there are instances where they face Property Damageafter guests check out. It is quite an unpleasant scenario for most Airbnb homeowners. So, make sure to ask for verifications such as:

  • Guests' driver's license details

  • Bill a Security Deposit

  • Sign a vacation rental agreement

  • Require rental insurance

Remember Never to lose your temper! Collect all the evidence and submit it to the Airbnb management for further action.

4. Late Guest Cancellations:

The most classic problem for an Airbnb host is Late Guest Cancellations. When such an issue occurs, the host must be patient enough to handle it, as guests might have valid reasons for doing so.

Thus, a homeowner should imply clear and flexible cancellation policies. Discuss such matters in advance and know about the guest's travel plans to understand the possibility of cancellation.

We are the Solution!

Desired Stays is a professional Airbnb/vacation rental management company that provides quick solutions to complex rental issues and follow a strategic communication. We manage all types of listings for Airbnb Hosts and help them with their services. So homeowners don't have to worry about fixing issues related to their rental properties, as we provide high-quality services for your home and guest’s satisfaction.

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If you are a homeowner or investor tired of operating your Airbnb or simply not getting enough bookings, feel free to reach out to the BEST Airbnb Management company in the Poconos! We will be happy to help.

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