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Who Are We?

Desired Stays is a full-service short-term rental company that specializes in hosting families and leisure guests in vacation markets. We help owners generate 2-5x the income of their vacation homes. Desired Stays handles all aspects of operating your short-term rental so you can spend your time doing more of what matters! 

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What We Do Best?


Desired Stays takes the stress and hassle out of operating a short-term rental from homeowners, while maximizing the property's profitability. We oversee all aspects of the short-term rental process, including the interior design, set up, marketing, guest communications, turnovers, and property maintenance and so much more!

Interior Design

About Us


Catia and Phil started Desired Stays to help vacation homeowners navigate the everchanging landscape of short term rentals. Through their expertise in marketing, operating, and interior design, they are the perfect duo to take your vacation rental income to the next level!


Effective Marketing

Managing the Experience

✔ Unique interior designs
✔ Professional photography
✔ Targeted copywriting
✔ Prioritize direct bookings
✔ Optimized listing techniques

✔ Dynamic pricing technology
✔ Reliable and consistent cleaning
✔ Coordinate maintenance and repair
✔ 24/7 guest communications
✔ Guest screening and monitoring

Ensure Client Satisfaction

✔ Monthly payouts
✔ Custom owner's reports
✔ Handling damage claims
✔ Additional insurance coverage
✔ Transparent and open comminication

An Experience You Can Trust!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cohosting?

Cohosting is when Desired Stays partners with a homeowner as an operator or consultant to help market and operate the property for maximum revenue potential.

Why is Desired Stays better than other short term rental operators?

Marketing! Specifically, our tailored interior designs and professional photography. We strive to make every home unique and distinct.

Who deals with the repairs, maintenance, turnover, cleaners, guest check-in and outs, and guest communications?

Desired Stays provides a complete end-to-end, white-glove consulting and operating service. That means you do NOT have to worry about unexpected repair calls in the middle of the night or headache calls from guests about locating the frying pan! Desired Stays has a network of trusted vendors who are vetted and insured. We take care of the headache calls so you can spend your time with no interruptions!

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